• 25/09/2017

Putting the Client First

Putting the Client First

By Emily Lai

Carmen Lam – Chief Executive Officer

Mrs. Carmen Lam is the Chief Executive Officer of Principal Investment & Retirement Services Limited. She is responsible for overseeing the sales, distribution, marketing, and client services for Principal’s mutual fund and pension products in Hong Kong. Mrs. Lam first joined Principal Hong Kong in 1994, over the years she has held different positions within the company, such as Director of Human Resources & Administration and Director of Sales & Distribution for its MPF business, among others. Mrs. Lam left the Group in 2005 to pursue an MBA degree from the University of Iowa. Lam returned to Principal in 2010 as the Chief Executive Officer of PrinCorp Wealth Advisors (Asia) Limited (subsequently renamed as Principal Investment & Retirement Services Limited). On top of that, Mrs. Lam was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Principal Global Investors (Asia) Limited since January 2014.

Principal has put a great deal of effort in the past year to develop customer relationship strategies and client support initiatives. BENCHMARK has recognised this with the Best-In-Class award in the MPF Client Support category at this year’s BENCHMARK Fund of the Year Awards.

Carmen Lam, CEO of Principal Investment & Retirement Services Limited, says “As a retirement specialist, Principal has committed to providing the best MPF service to our clients to help them reach their ideal retirement life. With our business pledge ‘Customers always comes first, we value customer experience which we consider as fundamental to the growth of the company.“

“In 2014, we saw the trend that customers were looking for simplicity and efficiency. To address their diverging needs and take a leading position in the market, we tried to “make it easy” with a customer-centric approach. To provide more personalised and hassle-free solutions to customers, our dedicated customer service teams in Relationship Management, Customer Service, Member Relations and Call Centre, transformed to achieve these goals.”

Relationship Management Team

Principal’s Relations Management Team interacts with employees and employers, organising seminars to keep them abreast of the market information and provide feedback to their enquiries face-to-face. Carmen says, “For example, the team conducted seminars to brief the members on the Scheme Merger of Principal MPF Scheme Series 500 and Principal MPF Scheme Series 600 to ensure the members of these two schemes were clear of the details. Our engagement reaches the members directly down to the employee level, showing that we are eager to create direct customer communications. In the past year, the team conducted 268 employee seminars and 5,592 employer visits, which were tailor-made to help members manage their MPF benefits. The initiatives reduced customers’ efforts and generated customer linkage. The Relationship Management Team interacts with customers in other ways, such as sending employers an e-Alert as a reminder of MPF contributions and new MPF policies like increased minimum relevant income.”

Member Relations

The Member Relations Team focuses on member education, which Principal adopts as a long-term strategy to increase the retirement readiness of members. Comprised of experienced retirement consultants with average experience of over 10 years, the team aims to enhance customer relationships by offering a consultation service.

Carmen explains: “The Member Relations Team breaks the tradition of customer service to outreach individual members and provide investment and retirement solutions. Our Customer Service Representatives will help schedule individual meetings for members who are interested in this service, at places convenient for the members. Alternatively, members can also walk into our office in the Hopewell Centre or phone in to contact our consultants to arrange a face-to-face meeting. The consultant can respond to the enquiries of the individual member and generate actionable insights.”

“As MPF is a long term instrument for one’s retirement, the team aims to guide the members to look at the whole picture, instead of a single element, when making investment decisions. Our consultants will conduct a detailed Financial Needs Analysis and Risk Profile Assessment to understand the whole picture of the member’s financial details and risk appetite. A suitable retirement planning strategy will be generated and documented through our proprietary Retirement Planning Tool called “Milestone” to guide the members to adopt an appropriate Asset Allocation and Saving Models to fulfil their retirement readiness. Through a more direct interaction, the team succeeded in creating greater customer commitment.”

Dedicated Phone Team

Principal’s Call Centre handles daily enquiries from both employers and employees. There is a dedicated hotline to individual members whose employers reported their termination so that employees can call representatives of Call Centre for assistance on account consolidation. The Call Centre will also make courtesy calls to employers to provide up-to-date information on regulations and changes to employers.

Carmen adds, “As the Relationship Management Team and Member Relations Team provide assistance on MPF management and retirement planning, the Call Centre serves the clients instantly and immediately, which requires very efficient practice of handling calls. In the past year, we picked up 94% of the calls within our service pledge of 15s, in keeping with the high standards we set.”

Mobile App for Empowerment of Customers

Principal marked the introduction of its electronic service with the launch of a mobile app. Principal is one of the pioneers in launching a mobile internet platform and a mobile app for Android users in 2012. Members can view their account balance, daily fund prices, up-to-date market information and Principal’s news. Carmen adds, “In November 2013, we launched an enhanced version of the mobile app and made it available in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app, with new functions, is easy to use and aims to simply empower the members to better manage their MPF benefits. The app alerts users to Principal’s news and market information. ‘Dream Tour’, the exclusive function of our mobile app, allows users to record their daily income, expenses and MPF account balances, assisting them in seeing their progress towards their financial dreams.”

The mobile app, with an appealing interface and useful functions, has been widely accepted by the member users as well as professionals, and Principal won the award for ‘The Best of MPF App Service Provider’ in the “e-brand awards 2014”.

“We evaluate a client’s satisfaction level and identify areas of improvement by conducting a Client Satisfaction Survey annually. As the results show the high preference of adding fund-switching capability for the mobile app to make it more convenient and easier to switch funds, we have added a fund-switching function in December last year, so customers can reallocate their investment portfolio at their fingertips. The initiative again proves that we genuinely listen to customers and try our best to cater for their needs.”

Customer Orientation – An Evolving Tactic

Over the past year, as customers’ needs have changed and market competition has become keener, Principal adopted a more customer-oriented approach in customer service. Carmen explains: “We aimed to provide one-to-one solutions to customers’ requirements, direct communications with customers and effortless customer experiences. All these initiatives allow us to communicate our values to customers and help them overcome difficulties in MPF accounts management and retirement planning, in turn establishing authentic relationships between Principal and customers.” BM



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首域大中華區投資總監劉國傑表示:「我們的投資理念乃建基於『可持續投資』。我們深信,可持續的公司持倉,對於我們所有投資組合能否提供長期回報而言至關重要。我們是長 線投資者,致力於作出五年期的投資決策,我們的所有投資決定乃據此而定。」









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