Creating Outstanding Brand Value

Creating Outstanding Brand Value

Guided by its thoughtful brand positioning, AIA has long been embracing authenticity in its branding initiatives. AIA’s mission is to help people live healthier, longer, better lives via its services and products, ranging from insurance and investment-linked products to its mandatory provident fund. This year, the insurer won the Brand of the Year Award in the category of MPF in recognition of not only its genuinely engaging content that touches its customers’ lives but also its success in promoting equal employment opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs) through the “LET’S WORK TOGETHER” campaign and its “beach volleyball” campaign, which introduced the insurer’s Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy to the Hong Kong public. We reveal how this company has stood out from the industry on brand-building.

Latest CSR Endeavors
AIA’s diverse brand-building efforts don’t stop at product marketing – Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is also their focus. As a social movement, AIA’s “LET’S WORK TOGETHER” campaign devotes special attention to the employment of PWDs. The wide array of efforts can be broken down into four key areas. First is Barrier Free Customer Service, achieved through an accredited, accessible MPF website, barrier-free facilities, and a sign-language video-call service. Second is Equal Opportunities – AIA has hired staff with disabilities and organized the “LET’S WORK TOGETHER” internship program with numerous corporate clients and corporations across different industries to offer internship placements to students with disabilities. Third, AIA’s Career Placement Support is a collaborative effort with CareER, an NGO that provides employment-matching services to highly educated students with disabilities. As part of this campaign, AIA also hosts an annual workshop to enhance participating students’ job-seeking capabilities. Last but not least, the insurer offers, as a means of encouraging more corporations to support the employment of PWDs, special management-fee rebates to corporate clients who hire PWD Going beyond CSR, AIA is also embedding the “LET’S WORK TOGETHER” guiding principle into its business to create shared value. This attitude has become the heart and soul of how the company contributes to the community of Hong Kong, both strategically and responsibly. They are committed to forming a more inclusive society in Hong Kong.
The efforts have paid off, as this campaign has received widespread acclaim, serving as an example of the positive impact businesses can have on their communities. The campaign has strengthened public support for equal opportunities and encouraged more corporations to get involved. AIA’s partner, CareER, has achieved a significant increase in its number of members, resulting in more career opportunities and matches for PWDs. Even more encouraging, the number of companies offering jobs to CareER members has witnessed significant growth, which means more and more companies are willing to employ PWDs, creating a win-win situation.
4 Key Areas:
Barrier Free Customer ServiceBarrier Free Customer Service achieved through an accredited, accessible
MPF website, barrier-free facilities, and a signlanguage
video-call service
Equal Opportunities
• hired staff with disabilities
• organized the “LET’S WORK TOGETHER” internship program
AIA’s Career Placement Supportcollaborative effort with CareER, an NGO that
provides employment-matching services to
highly educated students with disabilities
Support for the Employer of PWDsSupport for the Employer of PWDs special management-fee rebates to corporate
clients who hire PWDs
Creative Tactics
Apart from the CSR initiatives, AIA has also achieved satisfactory results in MPF product marketing. In an industry rampant with banal advertising formulas, AIA’s “beach volleyball” campaign decisively cut through the noise and turbocharged the launch, as it adopted an innovative advertising approach, aiming to improve MPF members’ knowledge of MPF to allow them to make better-informed financial decisions.
Inspired by the aggressive and defensive concept of its Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategy, AIA developed the idea of the “Doubles Strategy,” using a beach volleyball analogy. While the sport is energetic and fast-paced, requiring responsive strategies and quick-thinking tactics from both players, beach volleyball is one of the few sports that must be played with only two players.
This beach volleyball analogy successfully resonated with Hong Kong consumers, especially given the city’s growing interest in sports. After defining the storyline, AIA launched a three-minute educational video via social media to explain the concept in a dramatic yet easy-to-understand manner. The volleyball stars in the video – Cat and Mei, Hong Kong beach volleyball representatives, and Sun Yue, a former player of the Chinese national volleyball team – also enhanced the campaign’s overall impact. The result AIA achieved with its short campaign was phenomenal: The main educational video recorded over 1.38 million views in less than a week. The total impressions reached more than 7.2 million views and over 12,000 reactions! BM



AIA透過細心的品牌定位,長久以來建立了真誠的品牌價值。憑著助大家活出更健康、長久、豐盛的人生的願景, AIA 一向致力提供服務及不同類型產品,包括保險、投資連繫壽險計劃及強積金,並貫徹其品牌承諾。作為今年年度品牌大獎」的得主,AIA 不僅以貼身的內容觸及客戶的生活,還透過「LET’ S WORK TOGETHER」企劃,推動殘疾人士平等就業。另外,又以沙灘排球向公眾介紹動態資產配置策略,掀起一陣風潮。AIA 在訪問中透露公司如何在打造品牌方面脫穎而出。

AIA以多元策略打造品牌,當中不止於產品營銷,企業社會責任(CSR)也是另一焦點。AIA的「LET’ S WORK TOGETHER」企劃,特別關注殘疾人士的就業問題,希望能成為一項社會性支持的運動。他們的活動針對四方面:首先是無障礙客戶服務,AIA 的強積金網站獲得無障礙認證,公司亦增設無障礙設施,並提供手語視像客戶服務。其次是平等機會,聘請殘疾人士, 並透過「LET’ S WORK TOGETHER共融實習計劃」,聯繫不少企業客戶及夥伴為殘疾學生提供實習機會。第三,AIA與專門為高學歷殘疾人士提供就業配對的非政府組織CareER合作,並舉辦年度工作坊,以提升他們的求職技能。最後,亦為有聘請殘疾人士的企業客戶提供強積金基金管理費回扣,以鼓勵更多企業支持殘疾人士就業。
「LET’ S WORK TOGETHER」企劃已超越企業社會責任,他們致力把計劃的宗旨融入業務中,共同創造價值。它已經成為制定社會企業責任的中心,讓他們決心把香港建設成一個更共融的社會。
港人對體育的興趣日益增加,沙灘排球的比喻成功與消費者產生共鳴。在決定了宣傳大綱後,AIA在社交媒體發布了一段三分鐘的教育短片,以戲劇形式簡易地解釋概念。劇中的排球女將Cat和Mei分別是香港沙灘排球代表,二人跟中國前國家隊隊員孫玥對打,令人看完留下深刻印象 。這次推廣活動在短時間內取得驕人成績,主要教育宣傳短片在不到一周的時間內錄得超過138 萬次觀看,觸及逾720 萬人和錄得12,000次回應! BM