• 08/05/2016

Gloria Siu’s scientific pension research navigates customers in the cloudy MPF sky

Turning Science into Art, Health Meets Wealth

By Kerry Smith

If mastering MPF and pension products is a science, and creating innovative customer service is an art, Gain Miles strikes the perfect balance with its unique approach to both health and wealth advisory services. Through a combination of structured, rigorous analysis and a clear mission to enlighten and educate its clients, Gain Miles stands out in a competitive field – so much so it’s been named as Best-in-Class, winning the 2016 award for Intermediary of the Year from a field of small-advisory competitors.

In fact, it’s been something of a banner year for the Kowloon-based firm, headed by chief executive Dr. Gloria Siu. The company has had successfully engaged and acquired a huge base of human resources professionals through many of first-of-its-kind initiatives, leading to its significant growth in new pension business last year.

Now serving a vast of multinational and local brands across nearly all sectors, Gain Miles has particular success with retailers, including many of the world’s top luxury brands. This kind of engagement can only happen when an advisor truly understands the needs of its customers – and that’s where the Gain Miles excels.

A Scientific Approach

Under the leadership of Dr. Siu, Gain Miles has created an in-house system that helps them learn more about the particular concerns of each client and the issues facing their industries. “We developed and adopted the ‘Research-Based Pension Advisory Model’ to identify our corporate clients’ needs, taking into consideration their challenges on legislation, compliance, HR policies and administration,” explains Dr. Siu. ”At the same time, we are balancing in their employee needs,” she adds.

Indeed, working with clients to help them understand and address their employees’ requirements is a key focus for Gain Miles. “Over the years, we’ve collaborated with renowned academic institutions to work on annual MPF surveys and research, and shared the findings with our clients,” according to Siu. “We then work with them on their objectives and assess the level of their employee engagement.

Each corporate client and their staff work with a designated Gain Miles consultant, who provides support, assisted by back-end functions including one-on-one helpdesk customer service, policy administration, investment research, strategy and marketing, corporate pension and staff benefits. And with 36 years of experience in getting to know their customers, Gain Miles is well placed to advise clients on issues common to their sector or industry. A similarly structured approach is also brought to bear on advising clients about the most suitable pension platform to best match their objectives with another innovative in-house process, the Suitability and Optimization Analysis. As Dr. Siu explains, “We compare various fund structures and the performance of our clients’ existing pension schemes against our in-house developed benchmark to review their plan competitiveness. We track and share with corporate clients information about pension costs, market trends and budgeting, and to help their employees make the best informed decision.”

Contributing to Community

In fact, Gain Miles is so committed to sharing information with clients and the community about the healthy development of MPF that it is a cornerstone of its Community Social Responsibility program. “Not only do we share our precious survey and research findings and historical data with the general public,” says Siu, “but in 2015, we also successfully developed and filed the trademark for the ‘Gain Miles MPF Confidence Index’, which provides valuable insights to the community with the full weight of Gain Miles structured research behind it.”

It’s this unique combination of social responsibility and rigorous analytics that makes Gain Miles stand out. Throughout its history, the firm has organized hundreds of seminars and workshops, and partnered with various MPF services providers to organize the annual MPF Forum, to share their views on the issues surrounding MPF development and to meet potential clients.

“We keep our potential clients abreast of all our latest research findings and events with our new Customer Relationship Management system, through which we have successfully built a reputation as one of the pioneer professional pension consulting firms. We’ve also extended our client acquisition through social media, with regular and prompt content to reach out to our target potential clients.”

Stringent Compliance

Clients can expect the highest standards of compliance from Gain Miles, which mandates that all of its MPF servicing representatives be licensed with the Securities and Futures Commission, the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority and insurance industry regulators. Not even principal and subsidiary intermediates at other MPF firms are required to do so. Gain Miles sets the strictest compliance standards, not only to protect the interests of the company but to serve the interests of its clients as well.

It’s something that is very important to the firm’s chief executive: “We regularly monitor the standard of our service delivery. Compliance training sessions are conducted on a semi-annual basis, and are mandatory for all the MPF service representatives, in order to reinforce their understanding of best business practices.

Again, a methodical and structured approach is applied to the company’s compliance function. Comprehensive compliance manuals and employee handbooks, which govern the ethical and legal responsibilities of staff, include codes of conduct and rules for the handling of client personal data.

Employee Well-Being

Clearly, maintaining such standards calls for a high caliber of the employee. Gain Miles devotes significant resources and energy to recruit talent, using a structured recruitment process for all candidates, most of whom go through three assessment tests and face-to-face interviews. The company has also successfully launched its Management Trainee Programme, to groom outstanding graduates into future leaders.

Staff well-being and work/life balance are supported by a range of programs that help employees develop professionally and grow personally. “It’s very important to us we provide a supportive environment to staff and their families, and to foster employees’ well-being,” Dr. Siu remarks. Indeed, the firm’s good reputation as an employer has earned it several accolades, including the ‘Caring Company Award’ by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 3 years in a row, the MPFA’s ‘Good MPF Employer Award’, and the ‘Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer Award’ by the Family Council.

Given its intellectual rigor, community spirit, highest standards of governance and commitment to its employees, Gain Miles has truly earned the Best in Class award. BM



Kerry Smith 撰文

如果管理強積金和退休金產品是一門科學,那麼制定創新的客戶服務就好比一門藝術。駿隆集團(駿隆)以獨特的手法巧妙地兼顧康健和財富管理顧問服務,憑着嚴謹的分析、啟發和教育客戶的使命領先同儕,在眾多小型顧問公司中脫穎而出,勇奪2016年《指標》年度基金大獎「同級最佳 — 強積金中介機構大獎」。



以科學研究為基礎 緊貼客戶所需


駿隆致力透過與企業客戶合作,協助他們了解並滿足僱員的需要 。「多年來,我們與多間知名學府合作,調查和研究每年強積金的發展情況,並與客戶分享調查結果,」蕭美鳳博士補充說:「我們與客戶緊密溝通,制定目標,評估建議方案對提升僱員滿意度和歸屬感的效用。」

針對每一個企業客戶的行業背景和實際需要, 駿隆指定獨立的顧問代表跟進個案,並由不同的部門功能包括: 一對一的僱員資訊站服務、保單行政、投資研究、策略及市場營銷、退休金及員工福利產品等的配合和協助下,提供相關顧問服務的支援。

憑藉36年的經驗,駿隆深明客戶需求,提供專業建議處理各行業的常見問題;在諮詢服方面,駿隆亦以另一創新的內部流程,透過分析強積金計劃的適合性和優化程序, 替客戶選擇合適的退休金平台。



讓強積金得到健康發展,以及全心全意為客戶和社區分享相關資訊,正是駿隆社會責任計劃的基石。蕭美鳳強調:「除了將寶貴的調查結果、研究報告以及過往的強積金數據與社會大眾分享,我們於2015年成功推出由嚴謹、綜合研究所得出的『駿隆強積金信心指數』,並將其註冊為商標 ,讓社會大眾可更深入解讀強積金發展的進程。」

駿隆對社會的責任感和數據的嚴謹分析,令駿隆與眾不同、引領同儕。 多年來,駿隆舉辦過百次強積金研討會和工作坊,每年更獲得多個強積金服務供應商的支持舉辦強積金年度論壇,與業界分享有關強積金發展的觀點,並藉此與客戶聯繫交流。



駿隆要求所有強積金顧問代表均須持有證監會、積金局及保險業監管機構的執照,並時刻執行最高的合規標準,是深受客戶信賴的原因之一 。相比其他強積金的主要及附屬中介人,駿隆制定此等嚴謹的合規制度不只單單保障作為顧問的利益,同時亦為客戶帶來保障。





駿隆推出一系列有助員工保持工作和生活平衡的方案,支持員工的事業發展與個人成長。蕭美鳳認為:「給予員工及其家人支持、創造良好的工作環境,並照顧員工的身心健康是公司穩健發展的三大基石。」事實上,作為僱主,駿隆對員工身心健康的關懷早已屢獲殊榮,包括連續三年獲香港社會服務聯會頒授「商界展關懷」標誌、獲積金局嘉許為「積金好僱主」以及獲開心家庭網絡 嘉許為「傑出家庭友善僱主」。