• 06/05/2016

The best of both worlds – AIA’s performances and services for the minority

Intimate Service and Strong Fund Performance – a Smart Combination

By Justin Lee

Some MPF providers deliver strong fund performance. Others focus more on enhancing services. Winner of BENCHMARK 2016 MPF Brand of the Year, AIA MPF, succeeds in doing both, earning it an Outstanding Achiever award in the MPF Client Support – Member Servicing category and the Top MPF United States Equity category, among a number of awards it has been recognized for in 2016.

Investors continue to maintain a home bias, allocating a majority of their MPF assets to the domestic market. Indeed, MPFA data shows that Hong Kong accounted for 60% of the total assets of approved MPF funds at the end of September 2016. With this amount of money concentrated in a single market, investors have exposure to a higher degree of risk should the local market does not perform as expected.

Spreading Investment Exposure

AIA MPF has recognized this worrying trend and is working to educate investors on the benefits of having a globally diversified portfolio. Leo Cheung, Head of Business and Product Development at AIA MPF noted, “Investment diversification helps to lower risk and capture investment opportunities. We have no way of telling how a particular market will behave, so members should not put all their hard-earned money into a single asset class.”

US Equity Market Outperformance

According to Cheung, many Hong Kong investors believe that developed markets have still to recover the ground lost during the global financial crisis, with the US and Europe both seen as the cause of market volatility, rather than as attractive investment destinations. As a result, investors often feel more comfortable with the Hong Kong market when seeking to invest their MPF. However, data shows that overseas equity markets, in particular, the US, have posted strong performance in recent years.

US equity was the best performing MPF asset class in 2016, once again highlighting the importance of investment diversification into non-local markets. Indeed, the AIA MPF – PVC North American Equity Fund’s assets under management have grown to HK$1.74 billion with a 1-year return of 8.74% as of the end of 2016.

Smart Member Approach

To further illustrate the importance of investment diversification, the company analyzed the MPF portfolios of its members in mid-2016 and identified a group of ‘smart’ investors with annualized three-year unrealized returns that were within the top 10% for at least five times in the past ten years. These returns had also exceeded both the annualized three-year inflation rate as well as the annualized three-year MPFA’s Internal Rate of Return. Further research revealed that ‘smart’ investors were more inclined to invest in overseas markets, with US equity funds among the most popular.

“While we emphasize that different investors have different investment appetites, performance data shows that a global view might be more appropriate. So it is always good for investors to consider broadening their investment horizons,” noted Cheung.

A Leader in Member Services

Turning to member servicing, where AIA MPF strives to put members first in every aspect of its business, in keeping with its brand promise of ‘The Real Life Company.’ The company’s dedication to member servicing, with highly specialized teams, a wide range of personalized services and the largest agency force in Hong Kong is well recognized by its members over the years.

Among AIA MPF’s key strengths are its 200-strong client servicing team, which offers tailor-made services to members, to ensure that member enrolment is as smooth as possible. The company also provides self-help tools to help members make informed investment decisions. For example, it provides a customer-centric website, a full-featured client portal and retirement calculator, amongst other instruments, while also utilizing technology to improve member experience in the form of technology that makes MPF management easier.

Elaine Lau, Chief Operations Officer at AIA MPF, says the key focus for AIA MPF over the past 12 months has been on service upgrades for persons with disabilities.

“Everyone, regardless of their abilities and physical condition, deserves the same opportunities to build their desired retirement. Persons with disabilities represent a valuable segment of our community and deserve to have top-class member services to help them to manage their MPF,” said Lau.

Barrier-Free Support Services

To help its members with disabilities, AIA MPF has introduced several barrier-free services; these include a dedicated customer service team to serve members with special needs. The company was also the first MPF provider to offer online sign language customer services to answer MPF-related inquiries via video conference.

AIA MPF has also upgraded its corporate website to a ‘barrier-free standard’ to help members with visual impairments access MPF information and is providing assisting tools, such as text-to-speech screen readers, speakers, as well as magnifying glasses at its service centers.

“Having adequate retirement reserves is an important part of achieving a desired retirement. It has long been a mission of AIA MPF to provide retirement planning tips and educate all of our members,” concluded Lau. BM



Justin Lee 撰文

市面上一些強積金供應商著重提供出色投資回報的基金,一些則專注於提升服務質素。勇奪《指標》2016品牌年獎(強積金)的友邦退休金管理及信託有限公司(下稱「AIA MPF」)便成功集兩者於一身,於今年獲得多項殊榮,包括成員服務大獎(強積金)以及美國股票類別(強積金),均取得傑出表現獎。



AIA MPF早已注意到此情況,因此積極教育投資者環球分散投資的裨益。AIA MPF業務及產品發展總監張嘉駒指出:「分散投資有助降低風險,捉緊投資機會。我們無法預測個別市場的表現,成員著實不宜將辛勤工作所賺到的錢全部投放於單一資產類別或市場。」



美國股票成為2016年表現最佳的強積金資產組別,亦再次證明分散投資的重要性。事實上,截至2016年底,友邦強積金優選計劃 – 北美股票基金的資產管理規模已增長至17.4億港元,一年回報率高達8.74%。


AIA MPF在2016年中就成員的投資組合進行分析,進一步拆解多元化投資的重要性,研究識別出一組「精明」投資者,他們的強積金組合的3年年率化回報需在過去10年間至少5度屬首10%;同時回報率要高於同期的通脹率,及積金局公布的內部回報率。研究結果揭示,「精明」投資者更傾向於投資海外市場,當中以美國股票基金最受歡迎。



就成員服務而言,AIA MPF一直以客為先,時刻實踐「真生活 真夥伴」的品牌承諾。AIA MPF不遺餘力地為成員提供優質服務,其專業團隊、全面的個人化服務和本港最強大的財務策劃顧問團隊,多年來一直備受成員肯定。

AIA MPF的成功關鍵,包括一隊陣容強大、由近200名精英組成的客戶服務團隊,為成員提供貼身服務,確保成員便於管理強積金。AIA MPF亦提供自助工具,讓成員能充分掌握資訊,作出精明投資決定。例如提供以客為本的網頁、完善的賬戶管理平台和退休計算機等工具之餘,亦善用科技提升客戶體驗,令管理強積金更便捷。

AIA MPF首席營運總監劉家怡稱,AIA MPF在過去12個月的焦點是提升為殘疾人士而設的服務。



為協助殘疾成員,AIA MPF已推出多項無障礙服務,當中包括成立專為有特殊需要成員提供服務的專業客戶服務團隊。AIA MPF也是首間強積金供應商透過視像會議提供網上手語客戶服務,解答有關強積金的查詢。

AIA MPF亦已將公司網頁升級至「無障礙標準」,並在客戶服務中心提供輔助工具,包括文字轉語音螢幕閱讀器、揚聲器以及放大鏡,以協助視障成員取得強積金資訊。

劉家怡總結:「擁有充足的退休儲備是實現理想退休生活的重要一環。AIA MPF會堅守使命,為成員提供適切的退休計劃建議以及做好投資者教育工作。」 BM